On June 30, 2016, Jerky Direct, a 12-year-old meat snack producer and the only jerky company in the MLM industry, officially closed its doors.


   We are so excited to let everyone know that we have Relaunched a 'New' version of Jerky Direct - with new ownership, new marketing aids, and with new jerky!

The Reason You Are Seeing This Page:

   You have landed on one of the many pages operated by our Super6Power Team, one of - if not THE - most active teams in the Jerky Direct that has just closed.

   Because the NEW Jerky Direct is just now getting started and the page you were intending to go to is undergoing appropriate revisions, this page is a temporary placeholder with information on how you can stay informed anf get involved in the Restart of Jerky Direct.

    If you have a sincere interest in staying updated or joining us or becoming (only until 30 September) a Beta Access Member in the NEW Jerky Direct, see our Quick Links below:


SuccessWithJerky - The Official page for information on the Rebuild of Jerky Direct.
[NOTE: LIKE the page (and turn notifications 'on') so you can see updates in your timeline.]

Upcoming Webinars - Tell your friends!

Carol Hensell's Jerky Direct page - Look over the website, check the About Me page for your sponsor's information, and Join when you are ready!

And if you wish, you can also contact Carol Hensell at Super6Power Team Support.

Thank You!

Super6Power Team Support
Rob Dunn and Donna Soffen